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Visualization workshop expansion

March 19, 2014

After about a year deliberating an expansion to our workshop, we finally agreed that it was time to take the plunge – and now regret not doing it sooner!

The plan was to rip out a wall running down the right side on the workshop which separated the workshop and office. The existing mezzanine was also due to be taken down and extended to give us double the space upstairs.

On Wednesday 26th February (also our Director Nick Pidgeon’s birthday!) we cleared the workshop and began to rip out the original mezzanine. Of course it sounds simple but there were lots of technicalities involved such as re-routing the power connections, network cables, lighting and also keeping our cable and component stock accessible.

By the time the weekend came we were ready for the builders to begin their work on the Monday morning. Believe it or not putting up, painting and flooring the new mezzanine took two men 3 days to do.

At first look we were all in awe of how much space we had created and still are now! The upstairs area which used to only hold stock of cable and components now consist of two offices, a cable prep area, a large space for all cable and component stock and also office file storage.

On the ground floor we have now have a designated testing area, kit store, metal work area and also double the bench space capacity for rack build.  We are so pleased that the project has been successful and encourage anyone in the area to pop in and have a take a look for yourself!